Dental Blush provides Smile Design dentistry so that you can have the smile of your choice and live more confidently.

If you have ever seen in the mirror and smiled, but instead of getting confidence, you have gotten more worried about your looks, there’s no need to worry.

You are not the only one, as many people experience the same thing, and this can be treated with Smile Design dental procedure.


What Is A Smile Design?

With the passage of time, our teeth wear down or sometimes even get discolored.

Dental smile design is a viable fix for this problem as this is a cosmetic procedure for your dental that works on your teeth’ imperfection and gives them a much better look and shape.

For a straighter, whiter, and more realistic-looking smile, it incorporates a tailored treatment and long-lasting results.

Smile Design consists of numerous procedures that may vary from person to person, but it is something that you may have experienced or has seen others experience before.

This includes orthodontics, crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, dermal fillers, and Bonding.

At Dental Blush, we evaluate your current situation and advise you based on your requirements.

Our smile design dentistry has an excellent success ratio.

What Is Its Procedure?

The first step in Smile Design dental is that you bring out the picture of the ideal smile so that your doctor gets the idea of what you are precisely looking for.

This initial discussion will lead your doctor to guide you with practical solutions considering your current condition.

Your teeth are then photographed using a few high-end cameras for evaluation purposes.

It is easier to create a plan to achieve your ideal smile after evaluation of your teeth’ alignment and size, any missing teeth and where they used to be in your mouth, any chips or breaks, and any signs of bone loss or dental disease.

Smile Restoration

The process of designing a smile could take three weeks to many months.

Your objectives and any oral issues will need to treat first in order to determine the timeline.

Composite Bonding is one of the ways to get a megawatt smile in a quicker way.

Some of the factors that will be taken into consideration and your doctor will tell you are your teeth’ texture, proportion, length, and smile line.

The tooth length carries a great deal of importance in having a beautiful smile.

Longer teeth give your face a more prominent look; thus, you will be getting the smile of your dream with this.

With the passage of time, our teeth wear out, thus resulting in a gummy smile.

Dental Blush gives you a balanced tooth-to-gum ratio that is the right solution to have a younger look.

Customized Smile Designs

One thing is known as a doctor’s recommendation, and the other is what you want, and Smile Design is something that can be customized to your need.

Some of the essential factors to be considered here are your budget and what will be the best option for your teeth and mouth.

While this seems like a good deal, you also have to look for your insurance plan and health as well.

Who Is Eligible For Smile Design?

You can go for a dental Smile Design procedure if you are looking to improve tooth discoloration, gummy smile, misaligned teeth, or cracked teeth, or if you are looking for restoration after your crown and filling.

There is no age limit for Smile Design dental procedures, as anyone who is looking to get a better smile can go for this procedure.

The Smile Design procedure is getting more advanced and better with time, and therefore you are able to address different issues at one time.

Any Precautionary Measures After Dental Smile Design Treatment

For starters, there aren’t any severe side effects associated with Smile Design treatment.

Some people have claimed that they have experienced some sensitivity issues in their gum area when they are bleaching, as recommended by the practitioner.

It is not something to be worried about, but it is better to consult your doctor for a piece of professional advice to make it better with time.

Some of the precautions which are recommended are to brush at least twice a day with non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste, floss on a regular basis, and, most importantly, use alcohol-free.

In conclusion, Dental Blush is a Dental Office in Tamiami FL where our goal is to make the patient feel at home!

We are housed at 12260 SW 8 St Suite 226, Tamiami FL 33184.

We welcome patients and you can make an appointment by calling  305 553 0666 or Completing our contact form. Thank you.

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