Orthodontics for Good Dental Health is in charge of controlling and promoting the best development of the dentomaxillofacial structures and the prevention of its anomalies, such as eruption and the bad position of the teeth.

Another function is to diagnose and correct alterations to maintain proper oral health.

We recommend that the first visit to the orthodontist be at 6 years of age to prevent possible problems in the evolution of the mouth of the little ones.

Orthodontics for Good Dental Health Treatments

Treatments are carried out in different ways:

  • Preventive treatment:
  • The rash of the teeth is controlled and the harmful habits.
  • For the development of the jaws such as finger suction.
  • Eliminating the use of pacifiers, the circulation of the lips, and the habits of the tongue.
    Oral breathing and cavities are also controlled at this stage.
  • The one who best maintains space is the tooth itself.
  • Interceptive trafficking:
  • It focuses on stopping the development of an incipient bad position.
    To prevent it from impeding the normal development of the mouth.
    Corrective treatment:
  • Once the malocclusion or malposition of the teeth is established, it is intervened to correct it.

Types of Orthodontic Deviceology

There are different types of devices used in Orthodontics:

  • Fixed devices: placed in the mouth permanently until the orthodontist removes them.
  • Depending on the type of malposition and patient requirements.
  • They can be located on the inside of the teeth (lingual orthodontics) or on the outside.
  • Removable devices: they are orthodontic devices that the patient can freely put on and remove.
  • But that should take the recommended time by the orthodontist in each case.
  • Among them is the Invisalign System.
    Consisting of a series of virtually invisible removable aligners that correct the position of the teeth.
    Gradually to the desired position.
  • They can be removed to eat, brush teeth, and floss.
  • According to the diagnosis of the orthodontist.
  • Performing a three-dimensional digital simulation of the movement of the teeth, obtaining a final result.
  • Where custom aligners are manufactured for each patient.

The position of the teeth can be improved at any age.

It is customary to associate orthodontic treatment with childhood.

According to studies, age is not a limiting factor because the tissues related to tooth movement act in the same way.

There is no reason to prevent the start of orthodontic treatment for reasons of age.

The Importance of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is not a matter of aesthetics to have a perfect denture.

If not Orthodontics is responsible for fundamental keys in oral-dental health.

It is the specialty that deals with Diagnosing abnormalities in the shape, and position.

Relationship and function of the teeth and jaws, disorders in chewing that influence the diet.

Types of Dental Abnormalities:

  • Poor alignment or crowding of teeth.
  • The position in advance or delayed of the dental parts in relation to the jaws.
  • Displacement of one of the two jaws, etc.
What benefits does Orthodontics bring?
  • Avoid cavities and gum disease, as alteration in denture formation can cause poor dental cleaning.
  • Prevent the loss of dental parts caused by disease.
  • Eliminates the additional stress that these malformations can place on the chewing muscles.
    And it is likely to cause problems in the temporomandibular joint.
  • Pain of the ear, neck, jaw, cervical head or spine and scapular waist.
  • Correct facial aesthetic problems arising from a denture with problems like the ones above.
  • Develop chewing function in an effective and correct way.

The importance of orthodontics is that it allows the patient to have a healthy mouth, a pleasant smile, and facial appearance not conditioned by dental or jaw alterations.

The whole mouth is more likely to last a lifetime if properly cared for.

There are many orthodontic treatments to correct, using fixed or removable devices. To correct the problem with effective diagnosis it will be easier to do it and you will have better results.

For these reasons we advise you to keep a regular check of your mouth, preferably from the age of 7. Prevention is the best way to combat these anomalies.

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