Root Canal

Most people are afraid to hear that they need this type of dental Root Canal Treatment, however, it is the best option when one of your teeth is damaged and you need the pain to stop.

Your tooth to save and preserve your beautiful smile.

It is also known as root canal treatment, it refers to a procedure widely used by dental specialists to remove a part or sometimes completely the damaged dental pulp.

The pulp is a connective tissue, located in the central part of the teeth, just where the blood vessels that feed the nerves are concentrated.

How is an Root Canal Done?

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • A panoramic radiograph is taken to be able to know with certainty the degree of involvement of the dental pulp.
  • The affected (local) area is anesthetized to decrease pain.
  • The procedure for cleaning the pulp and nerve channels is performed.
  • It is sealed with thermoplastic materials that prevent the passage of germs.
  • If it is necessary to place an artificial crown, fiberglass bolts are placed in such a way that they give resistance to our piece.
  • Once hardened, it is prepared to place a crown made to measure for the shape and color of your natural teeth.

With this the pain is eliminated, you do not lose your dental piece and you preserve the appearance of your teeth.

Root Canal Treatment Benefits.

-Save the tooth
Performing this treatment on time prevents the infection from reaching the point of completely losing your tooth.

-Cure the infection avoiding pain
By resorting to endodontics you help all the bacteria to be eliminated and at the same time, the infection does.
Thus achieving the exclusion of the pain that the inflammation causes.

-It is not painful
Pain is not a problem to perform this procedure because local anesthesia is required to perform it.

-It is compatible with the organism
In order to carry it out, biocompatible materials are used.

Which indicates that there is no problem with the health of our body.

-Preserve your smile and your health
The most important advantage of undergoing an endodontic treatment.

Is that you will keep your oral health in perfect condition and you will be able to preserve your radiant smile.

What are the causes?

There are several causes that lead to endodontics and several important reasons.

Why you should be treated as soon as possible to prevent major problems from happening.

In this article we want to explain them, so stay tuned.

Severe tooth decay
If you have dental caries and you do not treat it in time, it can cause an infection and a consequent inflammation in the internal part of the tooth, causing the deterioration of the pulp.

Which makes you have to resort to a partial or complete root canal.

Dental trauma
If you have suffered any trauma, blow, or break in the mouth and it has affected any of your teeth, you should go to the dentist as soon as possible.

If the pulp nerves have been damaged due to the blow or break.

An endodontic should be performed to avoid pain and infection.

The abrasion, erosion, and wear of the teeth due to the friction between them
The dental pulp is covered and protected by an ivory layer called dentin.

When the teeth suffer abrasion, they erode, what wears away is that dentin.

If we are left with little dentin.

It can affect the pulp nerve and cause pain and great dental sensitivity to changes in temperatures.

In these cases, when they are severe, endodontics must be used.

Badly done dental treatments
The way some restorative treatments are performed and the materials used in.

Them can affect the pulp and lead to endodontic surgery.

Therefore, it is important to choose your dentist well and go to good professionals for the good of your dental health.

Root canal treatment because it is done.

When a patient with the nerve of his tooth affected by cavities or irreversible pulpits, the dentist does not perform the necessary endodontic treatment, an abscess may occur causing the infection to pass to the surrounding tissues which are those that support the bone to attach it to the tooth.

When this infection expands within the bone inflammation occurs causing a feeling of tooth mobility and pain. The patient may also have swollen nodes and even fever.

In this situation, it is not always necessary to extract the affected tooth since by removing the damaged pulp tissue and the bacterial content the tooth and the surrounding tissues will return to their state of dental healt.

The faster Root Canal Treatment is performed the better the prognosis of the affected tooth and the greater its probability of remaining in the patient’s mouth for many more years.

Remember to visit the dentist periodically so that he can diagnose if you require an endodontic.

With this you will not only avoid pain and infections but you will keep your smile in perfect condition.

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