An overdenture is a denture prosthesis that is held in place and stable by implants. You can eat,laugh, and smile without worrying about the denture moving since it provides a natural smile.

Although they sound similar, dentures and overdentures are actually very distinct from one another. Standard dentures are easily removed, inexpensive, and provide immediate tooth replacement. When people desire to eat more comfortably, they might use an acrylic denture to assist restore function and appearance.

While overdenture will fit over the bony ridge, bone degradation over time could cause it to become loose. Overdentures are frequently permanent and difficult to remove. They are stable and provide a lot more comfort and confidence than a typical denture.

Overdentures are an excellent, long-term investment in your oral and general health. While a typical denture focuses on decreasing bone, an overdenture also makes you look a lot younger.

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